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Welcome aboard this journey back to yesteryear as we recapture a baseball experience from the turn of the last century, including some memorabilia before 1900, through the decade of the seventies. Given the amount of baseball that was played throughout northern California at a time when almost every town on the map had a team, this unique website will provide hours of viewing. Regular updates will be made as new material is received. This website is a not-for-profit undertaking. The website name was chosen because the term sandlot baseball (see photo of converted sandlot in San Francisco) was often used in the newspapers to describe what most participants in the pre and post-World War II era called semi-pro baseball. Sometimes the label of bush league baseball (see "Where the Bushers Play Today" - Sunday bookings by Al Erle in San Francisco newspapers) was used, but given the connotation few players would describe themselves as "bushers". Regardless of the label, the level of non-professional play drew thousands of fans to local parks after church on Sunday afternoons and well before every household had a television. With the arrival of the San Francisco Giants in 1958, the fan base eroded and with many town teams faded away. Today, you will find a number of cities with teams featuring college players who must compete in summer leagues since there are few, if any, travelling teams playing independent games as was the case in yesteryears.

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