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2019 Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Named

Jan. 16, 2019


REDWOOD CITY _ Six individuals will be inducted into the Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame on the evening of April 25 at the San Mateo County History Museum.

The 2019 event, which will include a reception and light refreshments, is being presented by the San Mateo County Historical Association, headquartered in Redwood City.

The master of ceremonies will be KNBR-Radio baseball talk-show host Marty Lurie

The Hall of Fame was created in 1989. With this year’s group of inductees, the total number of honorees approaches 290. Hall of Fame plaques are located at the History Museum.

For more information on the April 25 affair (including ticket prices), please contact the Association at 650-299-0104.


Here are the new inductees:

Nicole Carroll/College of San Mateo

A world-class javelin thrower who starred at CSM and Fresno State, she was a two-time American champion and a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic team.

Pat Lewis/Mills, Oceana, Jefferson highs

A productive track and field coach for 50 years on the Peninsula, he specialized in tutoring male and female athletes in throwing events (shot put and discus).

Gino Della Libera/San Mateo High

A football and track and field standout, he took his considerable skills to Arizona State University where was an integral part of an undefeated 1957 Sun Devil football team.

Eric Reveno/Menlo School

A basketball state champion at Menlo School, he later played at Stanford and became the head coach at Portland University, earning WCC Coach of the Year honors.

Tod Spieker/Menlo-Atherton High

An outstanding swimmer at Menlo-Atherton and UCLA, and later in masters’ age-group competition, he has had a major impact on aquatics locally and nationally.

John Ward/Carlmont High

An ex-San Mateo County supervisor, he has created and maintained a comprehensive website that charts the long history of Northern California semi-pro/amateur baseball.




January | 2018

Wiley B. Allen Co.


Wiley B. Allen Co.
Area: San Francisco
Year: circa 1902



August | 2017

Custom Brokers


Custom Brokers
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1911

Description: C.D. Bunker & Co. was the sponsor for the Custom Brokers baseball team. C.D Bunker was a customs broker and a ship's agent.

Back row (left to right): Chas. Schmitz, A. Benham, P. Craige, Clem Perkins, A. Buja, C.C. Westover, R. Shields, W.M. Miller, H. Ferviera

Middle row (left to right): George Shepston, Joe Bley, Willie Bolger




May | 2017

Gough & Market Merchants


Gough & Market Merchants
Area: San Francisco
Year: circa 1935

Back row (left to right): 2nd from left is Frank "Dink" O'Brien, 4th from left is Bob Kelley, 6th from left is Red Agaard, 7th from left is William "Bunk" O'Brien

Front row (left to right): far left is Ace Adams, far right is Harry Brown




April | 2017

 Marysville Mechants


Marysville Merchants
Area: Yuba (Marysville)
Year: 1921 (Aug. 7)

Description:  Marysville Merchants Baseball team takes flight as the first club to fly to an away game. The flight was 80 miles to Woodland Ca and took 43 minutes.

Marysville Merchants baseball team posing before the Friesley Falcon airliner, August 1921. The team posed with the crew in front of the large twin engine aircraft, they recorded the fact that they were the first ball team in history to travel by aircraft to play a baseball game and this is also recognized Baseball Hall of Fame.  They are from left to right: Clifford Gottwalls, Warren Eich, Roy Francis (pilot), Capt. B. M. Spencer (designer, builder and pilot), Grafton Reed (mechanic), Clyde Manwell, Louis Wilcoxen, Tyrell Brook, Bryden Kelly, Lou Anthony, unidentified, Allen Eich, Charles Brown, and Harvey D. Eich (manager). The bat boy standing in front is Wonton Eich. The man who funded the Friesley Falcon project was Harold Friesley (aka Friesleben). The Friesleben family had a farm on Highway 70 between Marysville and Oroville. The Airliner was partly constructed on the farm. Although this twelve passenger airliner was not a financial success, the Friesley Falcon was aerodynamically and technologically a success. The Friesley Aircraft Corp. went bankrupt in 1922 and it is believed that the aircraft was sold to China.



March | 2017


Langendorf Bread


Langendorf Royals
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1938-39 (Winter League)

Description: Noting patch on left sleeve advertising 1939 World's Fair.

Back row (left to right): Dick Hazelton (sponsor, owner of Langendorf Bakery), Ray Viani (ss), Rugger Ardizoia (p), Charlie Nelson (of), Joe Futernick (inf), Don McConnell (of), George McSorley (inf), Roy Wetmore (inf), Hank Imperial (inf), Norman McQueen (mgr.)

Front row (left to right): Tony Patch (c), Logan Hooper (of), Mario Vigo (p), Able (utl), Guido Francesconi (utl.)



December | 2016


San Mateo Amvets


San Mateo AmVets
: San Mateo
Year: 1954

Description: Photo taken at base hospital (Veterans Administration) off Willow Road in Menlo Park. 

Back row (left to right):
 two unidentified representatives of AmVets organization, Jim Kehoe (gen. mgr.) Frankie Hawkins (mgr.)

Middle row (left to right): Dick Simoni, Don Bourbin, Bill Kahler, Pete Pellizzer, Bucky Kahler, Tom Pellizzer, Hal Panattoni, unidentified.

Front row (left to right): Pat McGibbon (batboy), Ron Cecchi, Bob Jones, Gerald McGibbon, batboy.




November | 2016


Oakland Police



Oakland Police
Area: Alameda (Oakland)
Year: 1948-49 (winter league)

Description: Bushrod Winter League champions

Newspaper caption: Picture here is the crack Oakland Police Department baseball team. The cops will meet the San Leandro Merchants nine in a benefit game at the San Leandro ball park on April 3. Ball players of the many teams who use the ball park are behind the benefit fund drive with games that sufficient cash will be raised to cover the cost of improving and enlarging the ball park bleachers.

Back row (left to right): Bob Watry (of), Ira Mitchell (utl.), Carl Ivey (of), Johnny Thomas (cf), Lennie Darnell (p)

Middle row (left to right): Bob Atthowe (rf), Laurie Lenotti (1b), Andy Genovesino (mgr.), Jim McPartland (lf), Sam Cohen (2b), Lester Devine (capt.)

Front row (left to right): Eddie Botelho (c), Gene Machado (ss), Jay Thomas (cf), "Jug" Mandish (3b), Walter Brown (p)




October | 2016


California Wick Wire Company



California Wick Wire Company
Area: Alameda (Oakland)
Year: 1933

Back row (left to right): Ambrose Del Vecchio, Orville Yore, Corly Moore, Ned DiGrazia, Lloyd Barron, Steve Graham, "Pesty" Ryan, Joe Olsen, Joe Silva, Gunny Fagundas, Heinie Lay, Johnny Quinn, unidentified

Front row (left to right): Wiedo Lancione, Ike Cherney, George Amadee, Fred Brain, Fred Milroy, Joe Corbelli, George Scarich, Niggie Silva




August | 2016


Ben's Golden Glow


Ben's Golden Glow Tavern
Area: Alameda (Alameda)
Year: 1939




July | 2016

Alaska Packers

Winners of 1935-36 Alameda Winter League


Alaska Packers
Area: Alameda (Alameda)
Year: 1934 (Winter League)

Back row (left to right): Roberts, Al White (general manager), Elmer Corbett, Al Brown, Teddy Martin, Lou Vezelich, Ernie Alten, Sam Adragna, Augie Gomes (mgr.)

Middle row (left to right): Harry Profumo, Al Peacock, Virgil Vierria

Front row (left to right): Fred Filipelli, Billy Gonzales, Elmer Sandahl, Carl Monzo, John Erceg




June | 2016

San Quentin


San Quentin All-Stars
Marin (San Quentin)
Year: circa 1950

Description: Picture was taken at San Quentin prison on day team played C & H Sugar. To view team picture of C & H sugar, please go to C & H Sugar under Crockett.




April | 2016


When baseball was bush league and hit home with everybody

Photo: Chronicle File, The Chronicle
Seals Stadium in the Mission District was the centerpiece of baseball in San Francisco in the diamond days of the 1940s. It hosted the Seals and the Giants.


It is spring, the skies are blue, and baseball is back. The Giants and the Dodgers open up the season this week, a good time to go over to the Double Play Bar and Grill for lunch the other day and soak up some of the flavor.

The Double Play is a San Francisco baseball shrine, right across the street from the old Seals Stadium, where the Giants and the Dodgers brought big-league baseball to the West Coast back in 1958.

We had lunch with John Ward, a walking encyclopedia of baseball. He didn’t want to talk about the big leagues and the season to come. He wanted to talk about small-time baseball and seasons long gone.

Baseball used to be part of everyone’s life in Northern California, he said. It still is, but he thinks there is a big difference. Now people watch baseball on television, or at the ballpark, sitting on their duffs, watching the game.

200 teams in S.F.

Back then, they played baseball on organized teams, in organized leagues. Hardball with wooden bats. The real game. Ward, who has developed a website all about these diamond days, says there were 1,600 teams in Northern California — 200 in San Francisco alone.

Ward’s website, a labor of electronic love, offers 7,000 photographs, rosters of teams, videos, box scores and thousands of names. The website is www.goodoldsandlotdays.com, and it is a celebration of what they used to call the bush leagues.

“Now calling something bush league is kind of an insult,” Ward said, but back then newspapers listed the schedule — “Where the Bushers Play Today” — every Sunday. On Monday morning, The Chronicle’s Sporting Green had almost a full page of bush-league box scores.

Everybody, it seems, had a team: bars, restaurants, breweries, labor unions, big companies with a lot of workers, sporting goods stores, auto dealers.

Bernstein’s Fish Grotto on Powell Street had a team. So did the Double Play. Horsetrader Ed, the famous used car showman on Van Ness Avenue, sponsored a team. Every small town had a team, and so did most city neighborhoods. There were ethnic teams: an African American league played in the East Bay and there were many Japanese teams. One of them, the San Jose Ashahi, was so good it barnstormed in Japan, playing college nines.

The Chronicle had a team that went 18-5 in the Class B National League, playing foes like the Marina Lions, the Columbia Park Boys Club, the San Quentin Prison All-Stars and Romey’s Market. Columnist Herb Caen played first base in 1940 and ’41. The only other big name was Ed Dougery, a former Cal player who covered Oakland cops for the paper.

Rising to big leagues

Ward, a one-time politician who served a dozen years on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, got hooked on baseball when he was a kid sportswriter, making 5 cents a column inch for stories in the old San Carlos Enquirer. Later, he managed a semipro club on the Peninsula.

Now he’s a property and political consultant, but he’s never lost his love for baseball.

He has a soft voice and a faraway look in his eyes when he talks about this nearly vanished world. It was a semipro game for the most part.

“Some of the players were paid, and some not,” he said. “The umpires got five bucks a game, and sometimes the sponsor would slip $5 to a pitcher. Or they’d pass the hat.”

The games were pretty good, and the big-league scouts would watch them closely. A few of the players became famous: the three DiMaggio boys out of San Francisco and dozens of others. San Francisco in particular was a hotbed of baseball.

Al Erle, who ran a San Francisco sporting goods store, was the de facto commissioner of semipro ball. He’d schedule hundreds of games a week and fill the newspapers with bush baseball lore.

His motto: “Now remember fellows, it’s all for one and one for all. Go out there and hustle.” Corny stuff, right out of the old ballpark.

Ward recalled famous road trips. “We loved to play the Tiburon Pelicans, a town team,” he said. “We changed in a saloon and went there for beer afterwards.

“A favorite trip was to Occidental, up in Sonoma County. The outfield ran uphill, so you didn’t have to chase the ball when it was hit up there. It would roll back down. After the game was a full dinner at Negri’s or the Union Hotel.”

His website covers 100 years of sandlot and semipro ball, ending in 1980. The peak? About 1947, Ward said, after the young men had come back from war.

Some teams remain

Changing times — and big-league ball — killed off small-time baseball, he thinks.

There are still a few teams. The San Francisco Demons of the Latin American League is one. Their home field is Crocker Amazon playground. There are others, including the Novato Knickerbockers of the Sacramento Rural league. But it’s not the same.

Will it ever come back? Ward shook his head, sadly. “No,” he said.

Carl Nolte is a San Francisco Chronicle columnist. His column appears every Sunday. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter: @carlnoltesf

April 3, 2016


MARCH | 2016

 Vintage pictures

Vintage pictures of town teams throughout northern and central California from 1870 to 1910 can be found on website.

Please click the links below to view vintage team album.


A & K Leaders

Fort Jones

Marysville B.B.C.






American Steel & Wire Co.

Gold Ridge

McAdam Creek

Sheep Ranch team

Anderson town team

Goldstein Brothers



Angels Boosters

Grass Valley

Merced town team





Sonoma Cubs



Monarch of the Oaks


Arthur McAfee



Suisun City

Baron & Feit

Hayward town team

Monterey town team


Big Bend




Boulder Creek Saw Filers


Mount Shasta

Tic Toc



Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy


Brooke Realties

Hop Gold team

Nevada City town team


Caliente Mineral Water


New Almaden

Vallejo town team

Capital City Wheelmen



Visitacion Valley team



Petaluma Alerts


Crescent Mills

Ivanhoe Hotel

Piccheti Brothers

Watsonville town team


J.P Connors



Daly City town team



Weed town team

Dan P. Carter's 



West Sacramento Cubs

Duncan Mills 


Rio Vista

Wieland's Brewery


L.L. Winters team

Sacramento "All-Stars"

Wiley B. Allen Co.


La Porte

San Andreas

Winters town team



San Francisco Fire Department

Woodland town team

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.


San Francisco Police

Wright's Station


Los Banos

San Francisco Waverlys



Loyal Order Of Moose

Santa Rosa College

Yuba Intrepids

Fort Bragg

M.J. Weber

Santa Rosa town teams








Southern Pacific Club
Area: Alameda (Oakland/Alameda)
Year: 1937

Description: From Oakland Tribune Tournament Program: 1937

See caption below picture for details.



JANUARY | 2016


Labor unions sponsored many semi-pro teams in the pre and post-World War II era. Please click below on teams.






Breweries were major sponsors of semi-pro teams throughout the bay area and elsewhere in northern and central California during the pre and post-World War II era. Featured on the website are the following (click the links):






American Legion Junior Baseball

American Legion posts throughout the state sponsored junior legion teams as depicted on website. Click here to view American Legion teams.


OCTOBER | 2015


Talmage Sluggers (Mendocino State Hospital) - Mendocino



Mendocino State Hospital (Talmage Sluggers)
Area: Mendocino (Talmage)
Year: 1952

Description: Uniforms fashioned after Hollywood Stars - Pacific Coast League.  No knee guards for sliding.

Back row (left to right): Don Cutler, Herbert Wright, John Boster, Bill Openshaw, Foggy Ottosen, John Harding

Front row (left to right): Johnny Myers, Austin Treadway, Skid Scudero, Leno Valentini, Bobby Valentini

Missing from picture: Fred Figone (Mgr.)






Veteran's Home - Yountville

Veterans Home
Area: Napa (Yountville)
Year: 1961

Back row (left to right): George Stein (p), Ed Curcio (mgr, 1b), Earl Moore (rf), Cliff McClain (cf), Ed Van Leiden (p), Ray Hamrick (ss)

Front row (kneeling, left to right): Dave Strong (utl), Arnie Banta (2b), Babe Fuhrman (lf), John Noce (c), Lyle Palmer (3b)


AUGUST | 2015


San Mateo Blues


San Mateo Blues
Area: San Mateo
Year: 1932

Among the players pictured are: Milt Axt (utl), Carl Johnson (1b), Peeney Oliver (cf), Tom Harris (rf), Bob Richards (utl), Carl Holling (p), Ray Andres (3b), Howard Blethen (utl), Ray Viani (ss), Gene Camozzi (p), Bob Reed (c)


JULY  | 2015


Vallejo Builders


Vallejo team was sponsored by the area’s building trades organization which represents union carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other crafts.

Vallejo Builders
Area: Solano (Vallejo)
Year: 1945

Back row (left to right): Jimmy Richardson, Jack Fulton, Pete Coor, Bill Watson, Frankie Boyle, Johnny Ferreria

Front row (left to right): "Pop" Rober, Al Gonsalves, batboy, Frank Cirimele, George Huntoon


JUNE | 2015


Palo Alto Oaks


Palo Alto Oaks
Area: Santa Clara (Palo Alto)
Year: 1961

Description: Palo Alto Oaks started in 1950 and is still playing til present day.

Back row (left to right): Bill Holland, Tony Janovich, Robert Milton, Frank Farmer, Gene Miramon, Tom Del Sarto, Darien Magnusson, Jim Wollrab

Front row (left to right): Ray Gale, Tony Makjavich, Ray Young, Sarge Casey, Mike Magee, Wayne Davis


MAY | 2015


Ben's Golden Glow



Ben’s Tavern was owned by Ben Carimanti and located at 1600 Webster St. in Alameda.

Ben's Golden Glow Tavern
Area: Alameda (Alameda)
Year: 1946

Back row (left to right): Nick Radnich (p), Lenny Gabrielson, Arnie Banta, Pat Ambrose, Al Steele, Pat O'Shea, Jim Vierra, John Arnerich

Front row (left to right): Ray Malgradi, Lyle Lake, Remo Sabatini, Johnny Lombardi, Frank Souza, Spec Espina (mgr)

Contributor: San Leandro Times; Francesco's Restaurant


APRIL | 2015


Gilt Edge Market


Gilt Edge Market
Area: San Francisco
Year: circa 1935

Left to right (Standing): Jackie Kane, Herman Anti, Babe Tognoli, Ernest "Lefty" Gammino, "Muddy" Johnson, Jack Anti, Max Schutte, John Molloy, Lefty "Ty" Wetmore, Bill Coulter, Gene Willig

Kneeling: Manager J.A. Armitage


MARCH 01, 2015


As of March we have 1,100 teams featured on goodoldsandlotdays.com among some 8,650 images. Latest batch of vintage team photos from San Jose were recently uploaded. Please enjoy the viewing.



MARCH | 2015


 Nesbit Masonry


Nesbit Masonry
Santa Clara (San Jose)
Year: 1959

Description: 1959 California State champions  - National Baseball Congress (N.B.C.) tournament played in Atwater

Back row (left to right): Ralph Romero (p), Bob Wuestoff (3b), Bob Bowles, John Oldham (p), Mel Stein (1b), Don Lopes (mgr/ss)

Front row (left to right): Kent Smith (of), Joe Winstead (c), Don Stiles (p), Tuck Halsey (of)





Kimball-Upson Co.



Kimball-Upson Company
Area: Sacramento
Year: 1933-34 (winter league)

Back row (left to right): Sam Paul, Charles Doyle, Bobby Rehm (mascot), Murph Rehm (mgr.), Carl Roggi

Middle row (left to right): Dooley Bertolani, Ruby Rodness, Lou Heinzer, Bill Hickey

Front row (left to right): Bill Salkeld, Tommy Wardlaw, Victor Pitts, Eddie Reeder, Gus Kortstein




JANUARY | 2015


Sherry's Liquors


Sherry's Liquors
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1943

Back row (left to right): Joe Gaddini (mgr.), Bobby Brown, Frank Lopez, Atteo Lazzaretti, Jerry Coleman, Bob Cherry

Front row (left to right): Marino Pieretti, John "Little Luke" Lucchesi, Bill Brown, Hal Petrocchi, DIno Giavocchini




Oakland Post 5 – Montgomery Ward


Oakland Post 5 – Montgomery Ward
Area: Alameda (Oakland)

Description:This 1928 Oakland Post 5-Montgomery Ward American Legion team  was the first team from Oakland to win a national championship. Players are dressed for the occasion in picture taken in front of Montgomery Ward’s warehouse building at 4814 Loma Vista Ave. in Oakland.

Back row (left to right): Paul Moore, Phil Moore, Arleigh Williams, Dan Hafey, Ralph Harold, Eifert, Hans Hansen, Al Silva, George Wilson, Leroy Sharp (coach)

Front row (left to right): Joe Williamson, Albert Swick, Fred Brain, Pete Vierra, Weido Lancione, Charles Hardt, Einar Sorensen, Warren Rouse, Desmond Williamson





Caliente Mineral Water


Caliente Mineral Water
Area: Sonoma (Agua Caliente)
Year: circa 1910


OCTOBER | 2014


Oakland Casket Company


Oakland Casket Company
Area: Alameda (Oakland)
Year: 1938

Back row (left to right): Frank "Sparky" Corria (mgr, major league scout), Mitch Lisse (p, of), Andy Genovisino (1b), Al Lawrence, unidentified, Al Oliver, unidentified

Front row (left to right): unidentified, Ray Viani, Mel Goulart, unidentified, Pat Clifford (inf), Ike Vincent

Batboys (unidentified)





Castro Natives


Castro Parlor No. 232, Native Sons of the Golden West (N.S.G.W.)
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1924 (Jan. 17)

Back row (left to right): Pasquet, Sillineri, Ernest Gammino, Bourne, George McSorley, J. Anti, Wigley

Front row (left to right): Hank Anti, Bonhage, Lou Tognoli, Dito (mgr.), DeFilipo, F. Dito, Jack Dito



AUGUST | 2014


1929 M.J.B. Coffee Company

M.J.B. Coffee Company
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1929



JULY | 2014


1930-31 Mario's Drugs

Mario's Drugs
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1930-31 (winter league)

Description: Spalding Class "A" Champions (won 11 | lost 3)

Picture was taken at James Rolph Playground in January 1931, located in outer Mission District on Potrero Avenue at corner of former Army Street (now Cesar Chavez Street).

Back row (left to right): Bauman (p), Long (cf), Dust (cf), Sulding (2b), Clekak (rf), Ward (rf), McSorley (ss)

Front row (left to right): Frickles (mascot), Riley (mgr.), Warnoke (p), Trowbridge (lf), Barry (c), Brundage (1b), Tejeda (3b)



May | 2014


  Rockport town team (circa 1920)

Rockport town team
Area: Mendocino (Rockport)
Year: circa 1920

Back row (left to right): Eddie Worffi, Ray (last name unknown), Chicken Hawk, Guy Rockey, Herbert Ball, Parker Ball, Neils Wally, Charlie Richards, Praggart.

Front row (left to right): Bill Shanno, Ralph Koskella, Darrel Borges, Otis Wright, Otis Rockey.

Bat Boy: unidentified.

Shannon Rangers (circa 1938)

Shannon Rangers
Area: Stanislaus (Modesto)
Year: circa 1938

Description: Shannon Rangers were sponsored by the Shannon Mortuary in Modesto, which is no longer in business. 

Back row (left to right): George Witt (mgr.), Wes Walsh (utl./inf), Ray Gillum (2b), True Raper (3b), George Wietle (c), Earl Thompson (p), Manuel Lopez (Asst. Mgr.)

Front row (left to right): Joe Wietle (of), Glenn Darr (1b), J Leonard Beam (ss), Marvin Lee (p)

Bat Boy: Eddie Witt


Bernstein's Fish Grotto (1930)

Bernstein's Fish Grotto was opened by Maurice Bernstein in 1912 at 123 Powell Street in San Francisco, near the end of the cable car line. It closed in 1981 and there is now a Walgreen's drugstore at the site. Bernstein's was a popular tourist attraction for many years.


...Featuring More Very Old Sandlot Teams


Reseda semi-pro team won the 1939-1940 winter league championship in Los Angeles city playgrounds.

Reseda is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California.



April   |   2014

...Featuring More Very Old Sandlot Teams


PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric)
Area: San Francisco
Year: circa 1920



Palermo Orphans
Area: Butte (Palermo)
Year: 1921

Descripton: Please note Veedol Motor Oil sign on wall. 

See next image for Veedol Ad information from the 18th Annual Nealon Benefit Games.

All players unidentified except Bill Wilson in front row far right.



Title: San Francisco Lodge B. P. O. Elks No. 3 Baseball Champions of State
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1924

Description: San Francisco Lodge team won the state championship tournament against competing teams representing other Elks’ lodges from various districts in the state.

Back row (left to right): Arthur A. Goepp (chairman), William C. Bahr (p), W. D. Powers (p), A. R. Baldocchi (of), Chas. R. Sullivan (p)

Top middle row (left to right): Mervyn Murphy (2b), John Hanley (1b), Roy Corhan (ss), Larry Reeves (p)

Bottom middle row (left to right): Henry Wurkheim (committeeman), E. S. Hallinan (of), A. L. Pierotti (p), Jas. Riordan (c)

Front row (left to right): Sam J. Worth (of), Jas. J. Byrnes (c-mgr.)

Missing: Chas. A. Maggini (of), George Maloney (3b), Tom Tennant (1b), Syd Desmond (of)



Port Costa Flour Mill
Area: Contra Costa (Port Costa)
Year: circa 1925



Bisceglia Brothers
Area: Santa Clara (San Jose)
Year: 1927

Front row (left to right): unidentified, Joe Ereno, Tony Pampalone, Pete Fanizzi


Noe Valley Merchants
Area: San Francisco
Year: circa 1935

Back row (left to right): 5th from left is Mickey Shader (mgr.)

Front row (left to right): 3rd from left is Cecil 'Doc' Wright



Roma Wine
Area: Sacramento
Year: 1936-37 (winter league)

Back row (left to right): Ernie Williams, Mike Bakarich, Carl Reimer, Fred Kienle, Pete Sarganti, Percy Gassoway, Cal Lahman

Front row (left to right): Scotty McKay, Shorty Jorgenson, Tony Separovich, Henry Clark, Herb Forsch, Mark Separovich, Otto Ireland

Missing in picture: Isadore Smith, Red Mahlen, Dal Lahman



Divisadero Street Merchants
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1920

Front row (left to right): Emil Ruggiero (third from left)



Area: San Francisco
Year: circa 1930

Marty Drury is in middle of picture between front and back rows



March   |   2014


Featuring Very Old Sandlot Teams from San Francisco

Shreve & Co.
San Francisco
Year: 1911

Back row (left to right):
Holden, Wilkinson.

Middle row (left to right): McFarland, Coldenwood, Brookover (mgr.) Garcia, Nagle.

Front row (left to right): Glaser, Harrison, Camozzi.


Schlitz Beer
Area: San Francisco
Year: circa 1915

Description: Picture taken at Recreation Park, located at 15th and Valencia in San Francisco.

Front row (sitting): Babe Johnson, catcher
Second row (kneeling): Leonard Primrose (far left)


Maxwell Hardware Co.
Area: Alameda (Oakland)
Year: 1920-21 (Mid-Winter League)

Manager Bob Carter is in middle of front row.



M.J.B. Coffee Company
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1929

Description: See caption below picture for details.


Granat Brothers Jewelers
San Francisco
Year: circa 1930


Etalo Market
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1930

Back row (left to right): far left is Etalo Giacomelli (owner)

Front row (left to right): far left is Norm Wilkin (rf), 3rd from left is Al Belletto (3b)

Other players who may be picturedBatz (ss), D.Sarto (rf-lf), Ogulin (cf), S. Grimes (lf-1b), Meade (1b), Balzarini (2b), Muzio (c), Abney (p), R. Comes (rf-p)



Rippe Bros.
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1930

Back row (left to right): William "Dutch" Varni, Joe Orengo, unidentified, unidentified, "Butch" Moran, unidentified, "Pop" Saxamier (mgr.)

Front row (left to right): Frank Saxamier, next three are unidentified

January   |   2014



- January 28, 2014

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