Healdsburg Prune Packers



  "In 1921 the famous Prune Packers were organized.  They were headed by Pop Arlett, a former Coast League pitcher, and managed by Bob Weston.  Some of the players on this original team included Rollin McCord, Don Petray, Frank Corrick, Frank Meisner, Shorty Cortade, George Drew, Biff Schaler, Roney McDonald, Chick Autrey, Ralph Strand, Jimmy Shinn, and Frenchy De Selle.  

   The Prune Packers (named after Healdburg’s agricultural base crop in those days) were a formidable team.  They defeated the county teams and went on to play Bay Area semi-pro teams.  The success of the team drew large crowds - 800 plus people - to their games in Healdsburg.  For a few years, at the end of each season, the Prune Packers would play the semi-pro Santa Rosa Rosebuds, drawing crowds of 1000 or more.

  The original Prune Packers, which were called one of the best semi-pro teams in the State, played until the late 1920’s and then disbanded until the 1950's." - www.prunepackers.org






Prune Packers
Area: Sonoma (Healdsburg)
Year: 1923

Back row (left to right): Al Bidwell, Bob Weston, Bob Vellou, L.J. Hall, Quim Seawell

Middle row (left to right): Harlan Remmel, Frank Meisner, Pep McDonald, Jim Shinn, Pop Artlett, Gus Smith, Ben Begier

Front row (left to right): Red Corrick, Zad Vare, Chick Autrey, Husk Contade

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